Monday, November 16, 2015

Make It Monday: embellished sweater

I had so much fun last week sharing the drawer pulls I made that I'm returning with another DIY idea—an embellished sweater.

I love cardigans—however, for some reason I thought this Pepto-Bismol pink would be a great choice and if you know me? Not so much my color. So while I got the sweater at a great price, it has languished in my closet. No matter how much of a deal you get on something, if you never wear it? Your cost per wear ratio is not going to benefit you.

So, I decided to snazz up the sweater with some beading.

  • Sweater (or other item of clothing)
  • Water soluble marker/pencil
  • Thread or yarn
  • Beads or other embellishments
  • Appropriately small beading needle
  • Misc things that make this sewing project easier (like a paper sack, scissors, etc)
Step one: get your sweater ready. I used a paper sack here to hold my sweater steady and also act as a blotter for the marker I used to outline my design.

Step two: draw your design. Don't be afraid of this step, even though yes, you are drawing on your clothing. My design is relatively symmetrical but definitely not perfect... and that's okay. This design will drive your embellishments.

Step three: embellish! I used a sock-weight 100% lambswool yarn that was in variegated shades of green and purple—I had it leftover from another project. Stitch your design using basic embroidery stitches, knotting your yarn or string every few stitches so if something happens and the yarn breaks your entire design won't be lost. You could also try this part using fabric pens if sewing is not your thing.

Step four: embellish more! I used beads in two sizes that picked up the colors in my stitching, accented with seed pearls. I planned out the colors so they would be somewhat balanced, but again, they're not perfect. And I'm okay with that.

Step five: finishing. I realized that the buttons were all wrong, an I found a perfectly coordinating style at the fabric store. Done!

Now I'm kind of thinking I might try to fancy this up a bit more. It's also given me the inspiration to fancy up something else. I mean, this *is* still Pepto-Bismol pink and that's still not really my color. But I love the beading.


  1. I love this! And that's such a good idea.

  2. Put lipstick on a swan and its still a swan - with fabulous lipstick?