Friday, November 06, 2015

More to the Story

I have taken on the very serious (to me) mission of finding the best crock pot recipes that exist.
This is no small challenge, to be sure.

If you’ve searched crock pot recipes like I’ve searched crock pot recipes, then you know that there are, conservatively, hundreds of these things out there. Problem being, most of them either don’t sound good to me (food that I know my family won’t eat) or take too much prep work (I refuse to cook the roast before I cook the roast) when all I want to do is set it and forget it.

I keep a pile of open tabs in my browser that link to blogs and recipe sites and random places on the internets where I’ve found recipes that I find hoard worthy. I may or may not actually make these recipes, but the first step is hoarding them. I’ve got that down.

On this particular day, I found a beef and broccoli recipe that looked good—not to hands-on, no pre-cooking, about as set and forget as one can get. I didn’t make it to the specifications but I found the original recipe here. It looked so pretty and, I don’t know, like something an effective mom would do, that I snapped a picture and Instagrammed it.

I walked across the kitchen to sit down at my computer and get back to work and I glanced back across the room to where the crock pot sat. Now, looking at the first picture—a tight shot of the food destined for my dinner—I realize there was more to the story. So much more.

So I snapped a picture of that, too.

My disorganized, disheveled kitchen where I’m currently “officing” because my kid is living in the room that’s supposed to be my office (but, let’s face it, I usually use the living room recliner anyway) because we sold his bed out from under him before we move.

There is random crap everywhere. And this is how life really is at my house. Yeah, the crock pot is back there, on the other side of the stove and behind the pots on the stove. It really does contain a little bit of perfection. But as you can see, there’s always more to that story.


  1. Thanks for the reality glimpse that it's not all beautiful kitchens. And YES to crockpot recipes you don't have to precook. When I see "brown the ground beef" or "sautee the onions" or "brown the roast" I'm out. The whole point is the set it and forget it factor.

    1. Seriously—either it's easy or it's not, right? And I'm all about showing the peek behind the curtain proving that real life is ALWAYS messy. :)