Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Season of Giving

In 2011, we gave my daughter an American Girl doll for Christmas. I found a great sale, a doll who looked like her and a few accessories. That spectacular smile I got in return was worth every penny.

This morning, I came across something I think is equally spectacular.

Through the month of November, when you buy an American Girl doll, the company will donate a doll to a girl in need through the Children's Hospital Association—up to 1,000 dolls per day for 25 days. It's called the "Get a Friend, Give a Friend" project and I think that it's pretty spectacular.

The Children's Hospital Association works with over 200 hospitals that help children, located all around the country.

This is not a sponsored post. I'm not working for American Girl or the Children's Hospital Association. I just think it's pretty awesome that these businesses are working toward putting a smile like this one on a little girl's face.

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