Thursday, November 19, 2015

Time Capsule

When you've lived in one place for any length of time, you're bound to end up with corners filled up with things you've forgotten about.

And then, 11 years later, when you start packing up your things and shining a light on those corners, you find something that maybe you forgot about. Things you don't see because they've just been there all this time and you take them for granted.

So when you do look? It's a wonderful time capsule. Like this one.

Tucked into that space behind the door in the office (also known as spare room, green room or the place where all the things go), was this board. I would see it peeking out from behind the door and knew it was there, but the contents of it surprised me. Made from a ceiling tile, this board served up a few surprises.

Cards from friends who are no longer in my life but I still love and think of, fondly. I'm not a person who lets go, I'm a person who holds on. To stuff, to people, to places, things. If you've passed through my life you've left a mark that I revisit, sometimes a bruise that I push on to remember the pain.

A recipe from my grandma who passed in 2011. The Editor's Note I wrote in MetroFamily after my last visit with my Dad, right before he died. Pictures from family gatherings, girls' night, date night and a fun weekend trip.

A lovely note from a magazine reader who'd been touched by what I wrote about raising my kids and the struggles I sometimes had, such a lovely reminder that people actually read the words that I wrote.

An essay clipped from a magazine, written by Ayelet Waldman where she discusses an essay she wrote about loving her husband more than her children.
And buried at the center of this board, a house. A lovely, white clapboard farmhouse that I posted on this board as an expression of a dream, someplace I'd love to someday live. It's a welcoming and homey place surrounded by trees with a porch you could relax on.

I pack up these pieces of my past, things I hold onto and won't let go. And while we're not moving into a lovely, white clapboard farmhouse, we are moving into a welcoming and homey place surrounded by trees with a porch I will relax on.

And I may or not be listening to this tape, which I also found while packing. I just need to find that boom box...


  1. So glad you have so many lovely memories of places you visited, people you met. And loved ones that will always have you close in their hearts!

  2. I love that board. You're making me want to look at one I have just like it...