Tuesday, November 17, 2015

To Do list

A morning in the life.

Wake up. Not sure if my alarm went off or not. It's suspiciously quiet, so I know my son has slept through his alarm. Husband still asleep. Dog still asleep. Coffee maker not started. This does not bode well for me as we have the world's slowest damn coffee maker, like, ever.

At the kitchen table, swilling my second big cup of coffee because editing before coffee is not really a thing. Reviewed email, even did a spreadsheet because with coffee I am invincible. Son is off to school. Dog is staring at me, trying to use the Jedi mind thing to make me feed her.

It did not work.

Showering. Aaaahhh.

Also, watching coverage of "Charlie Sheen's Big News" and can't help but shake my head. I mean, really—there are so many better things we could be spending our time listening to. There are so many more meaningful ways he could spin this. I tell Facebook that he needs to fire his PR people and maybe rethink how he wants to say this. I am now on a break with my regular morning news program.

Trying to figure out how I'll make best use of the hours I have before the kids roll back into the house from school.

Drive past the coffee store chain (where I had hoped to hang out and get some work done because at home the dog does the Jedi thing and demands food all. day. long.). The parking lot was overfull and I couldn't even see a way to get to a parking spot. I then high-five myself for saving money on that coffee (okay, fine, and yes, probably also petite vanilla scones because yes) as I continue on to the public library to work. As I drive, I consider that while I'm struggling to come up with an idea for blogging today, doing a day in the life sort of thing would be a good idea. 

Gassing up after the library. $1.65 a gallon? Hard to believe. Think about how my Halloween costume for next year is going to be Janice from Accounting like on "Last Week Tonight." Because she don't give a f---.

Driving. Listening to Rancid (the acoustic disc from "Let the Dominoes Fall") and singing out loud. Really loud.

Home from the grocery store, eating my grocery store sushi. Going through email. Gathering my notes because I've still gotta write. Avoiding the dog's Jedi trick but break down and give her cookies because she's a good girl.

Writing my blog post, getting distracted by Rancid songs on YouTube. Currently listening to this:

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