Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Weirdest Holiday Ever

The full extent of my 2015 holiday decorating.
It's forecasted to be nearly 70 degrees this Friday. That would be remarkable for any December day, but even more so because this Friday is Christmas Day. And I haven't even heard Feliz Navidad yet. I feel cheated.

My first inclination is to share holiday media that puts me in the holiday spirit, but this year, my decorating consists of a single table as all of my de rigeur holiday cheer is packed up in boxes and stashed in the attic.

While all the other things I own are packed up in boxes and stashed in pretty much every room of the house.

Instead I'll share some links to holidays past.

2014: Fun With Music and Videos

Last December, I participated in a super-fun holiday music shuffle, including links to many of my nontraditional holiday favorites.

The link up is closed for entries but it's still there, so you can visit other bloggers to see what they think of when they think of holiday music.

I know people who listen to holiday music all throughout the year, but I'm a strict few weeks a year holiday music lover. And my patience is wearing thin because while listening to the local holiday music station this week, I heard a variation of the same song played about 4 times an hour. Seriously, I get that it's fun to remake old standards, but it's not fun when I have to hear the classic version, a pop version, a techno version and a country version in the same hour.

2013: Sweet Memories

In December 2013, I waxed poetic about my childhood Christmases. I loved growing up on the south side of Milwaukee, the simple holiday traditions we looked forward to each year, the time spent together with family being one of the most important. I mentioned the plastic window Santas that we always put up in the front room picture window—and I mentioned my sadness that these were just a memory. But now, thanks to the sister shown at left with me, I have one of these Santas of my very own.

It makes me so happy to see this guy, and it brings back so many wonderful memories of my childhood.

2012: The Year of the Rant

In 2012, I was on a bit of a rant about holiday songs that drive me nuts. Specifically, Do They Know It's Christmas by Band Aid (which many will vilify me for, but my kids have validated my feelings with their own WTF moments while listening to the lyrics) and Baby It's Cold Outside, which has been made and remade and then made some more.

I'm over it now, mostly, and this year I've found myself humming along. I still find it a little creepy, but not as much as before.

2011: Zed, our Holiday Companion

And then, finally, back in 2011, I did a post about the holidays and my anti-elf-on-the-shelf reindeer, Zed.

Have you seen this Reindeer?
Zed is currently missing in action. He usually hangs around the house in a dark corner and pops out to say Hi every month or so. Sadly, I don't think Zed has been seen for at least a year and is presumed dead. We hope that he turns up again as the holidays just aren't the same without him.

I wish you and yours a very happy holiday season, no matter what you celebrate or how you celebrate it!

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