Friday, January 08, 2016

Five (more) Reasons the OKWB MiniCon is an awesome deal

OMG have you heard the news!?!? The Oklahoma Women Bloggers MiniCon is coming!

Yes, Marisa already posted about this at the OKWB site, with five reasons you should go to the MiniCon, but I've got five MORE reasons to share with you!

1. It's close to home.
Seriously. It's pretty much just down the road a piece from Oklahoma City and a short hop from Tulsa. I mean, you probably go to one or the other of these booming metropolises (metropoli?) on the regular anyway.

2. It's super short.
That's part of the "Mini" in MiniCon. The conference is just 24 hours, total. Seriously, one day. Well, a day and a night. And a little bit of the afternoon. But really, not long at all.

You'll want to for sure be there on Friday to catch the keynote by The Park Wife Stephanie Buckley—as in the fabulous founder of the Women Bloggers. I can tell you first hand that she speaks with passion, conviction, love and humor and she's one of the best people I know.

And, her photo bombing game is on point. This photo is from the Arkansas Women Bloggers Conference, an annual conference that's just a bit farther away from home that's filled with so much amazing awesomeness. We tried to capture some of it in this photo. I think we came close.

3. The Speakers.
There are more awesome speakers than physically possible in the allotted time frame. Seriously. This conference is breaking the limits of time and space in the best way possible. Topics include branding stuff, business stuff, writing stuff and ways to improve your stuff.

4. Value.
Lodging? Included! Food? Included! Swag? Included! Knowledge? Well, that part's not free. I mean, your conference fee has to pay for something, right? Really, you won't be able to find a regional conference for under $100 that includes everything. The lodging is a fully-remodeled dormitory style accommodation, to help build connection. I mean, as bloggers we are usually at home in our yoga pants (ahem, pajamas) sitting behind our computer screens and chatting but at this conference, we can congregate together in our yoga pants (ahem, pajamas) and chat face to face.

5. The T-shirt.
I'm not kidding. It's a locally-designed, gray and black baseball style tee with a logo that's so awesome it doubles as a coloring page.

So, you in or what? Find all the details here


  1. You forgot reason #6. YOU will be there... with your mad dance party mix skills. Can't wait!

  2. I love you. I cannot wait to come to Oklahoma to see you and all the fabulous Oklahoma women Blogger gals. This is great stuff. I need to work on my photo bombing, I think I could've gotten a lot more height on that one.

  3. I'm so excited!!! xoxoxo