Monday, February 01, 2016

Eyes Wide Open

My TBR pile is very inspirational.
I feel like I'm standing on the edge of something. Ready to do something. Just not sure what.

Now that I live someplace where running errands can also be referred to as "going to town," I've got long stretches of time when I'm in the car, alone. This is a great time to listen to podcasts. I know a few friends who swear by this new book, Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, and while I was surfing podcasts for something interesting, I came across a Magic Lessons podcast that ties into the book.

Yes, the book currently sits on my shelf, waiting for me to crack the spine, along with a list of other inspirational, must-read titles.

And I will read it, I'm getting ready for it. Just not yet. Plus, I can't really read and drive and I know that this book will invite me to write lots of marginalia, so an audiobook just won't do.

I'm looking forward to reading the book when I get time, but right now? I'm loving to the podcast. It's bite-sized, each episode is about 15 minutes long, and this makes it easy to binge on. Like mini cupcakes, but good for you.

A binge I can feel good about.

And just like cupckaes, Gilbert is sweet. Sometimes cloyingly so. If you've not already indoctrinated, you might be a little skeptical of her, the way she calls everyone "sweetie" and uses those new-agey words that sound dumb coming from other people. But from her, it feels genuine. She's unapologetically sweet, totally plugged into the zeitgeist and cheering you, and me and everyone who slides through her orbit. She's the real thing.

As a not live in the moment kind of girl, people like Gilbert remind me to live in the moment, see the world and not wait to live my life. While listening to her podcast, I noticed two planes, flying up high in the clear, blue of the afternoon sky. The contrails kind of merged, making a sort of arrow-like shape. I'd seen this shape before, in a set of Runes. I made a mental note to look in a little book of symbols I have to research the meaning.

What I read was what I needed to hear—the shape I saw in the clouds was all about immersing in the experience of living and resisting analysis or overthinking. Now, overthinking is my comfort zone, so I'm taking this as a sign to just do.

Don't think. Just do.

Don't wait. Just do.

Don't get in my own way. Just do.

Live in each moment, with my eyes wide open.

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  1. When you finish it, let me know. We should have a sit down with a bottle of wine and talk it out. But mostly we should have wine.