Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Super Quick Road Trip: OK-TX-NM photos

First time crossing this state border into the Texas panhandle.

Windy scenic overlook at the Texas Welcome Center. The sky really was bigger
in Texas, even bigger than ours in Oklahoma.

Obligatory side trip to the Cadillac Ranch. Blink and you'll drive right past it.

More of the Cadillacs. I wonder what colors they were to begin with?

Civil disobedience. The road was covered with graffiti as well.

2nd Amendment Cowboy says, "howdy."

Gorgeous pottery at a little store in Texico, New Mexico.
I brought a few babies home.

More wide, open spaces with desert plants and a far-off mountain.

Roswell. My Roswell pics were blurry. I blame the spaceships.

Buried my face in this bouquet and breathed in a huge breath of these lovely lilacs.
How lucky to find them blooming. I can almost smell them still.


  1. Love it! You were only gone a day, weren't you? How close is Texico, NM? I need to buy some pottery...

  2. What a fun trip! I'd love to see the Cadillac Ranch and Roswell someday!

  3. Thanks for the "picture postcards" I love a great road trip!