Monday, April 11, 2016

Listen To Your Mother is fast approaching. Tickets are on sale now.  I've been spending pretty much every free brain cell, moment of time and emotion on this project—I've talked about it before, I've been actively promoting and loving it since it started here in OKC in 2013, and even before then when I stalked admired from afar those friends and not yet friends who have been involved in this show. 

It's amazing. Our first rehearsal was just over a week ago, and it gave all that was promised and so much more (you can peek behind the curtain here, with this film made by Little Big Films):

It's a transformative project. It's a big deal. We've found sponsors (who are all incredibly awesome! The IAO, The American Banjo Museum, Vilona Michael Marketing, Southpointe Dental, BC Clark Jewelers‚ Sheradee Hurst Photography and Little Big Films) who believe in our mission and want to help support our cause (Positive Tomorrows) and help give motherhood a voice.

We put out the call for stories and were blessed with more moving tales of motherhood than we could use. We sat with them and heard their words and they graced us with their tears and laughter and we appreciate them so very much. 

We came together one afternoon, all of us, in a small, sun-drenched conferecne room on the 2nd floor of the American Banjo Museum, we walked into a room as strangers but walked out with an undeniable connection. 

All that's missing is you. Get your ticket and join us, won't you?

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