Friday, April 22, 2016

Stories all around us

I was graciously gifted a Prim Goods Beauty Bundle in exchange for my honest feedback on their story and products. I am thrilled to be able to do so, and I am also sweet smelling and soft scrubbed thanks to these Prim Goods products. All opinions and ideas herein are my own because my opinions and ideas are not for sale.
I love a story. I remember years ago, on an episode of Oprah, she had a guest who would go to any city—like, throw a dart at a map, visit the place where the dart landed, and talk to the first person he met, to find out their story. I think that man inspired me to seek stories.

I was once in a job where I was able to develop a monthly feature about a local mom. My vision was to go out and find a mom and share a real story about the people all around us. This was probably my favorite part for quite a long time. We featured stories about women—even a few men—from all walks of life, and I like to think that the readers learned as much as I did. Telling our stories and listening to others tell theirs is how we find connection; how we break down barriers, how we find common ground.
Now that I’m no longer in that job, I still read, tell and listen to stories as often as I can. This love of story has led me to Listen To Your Mother, first as a cast member and now as a producer. Stories are also a big part of this blog. I also continue to write about people’s stories for other publications, and this is not only my job, but it’s also key to my happiness.
When I was offered the opportunity talk about Prim Goods products, the story was the thing that hooked me. These are handmade products created by the women at Primrose Hill. Now, handmade products are always a good thing, but the really special thing about Prim Goods is that the women crafting them are residents of a 12-month residential recovery center for women and women with young children who have drug and alcohol addictions.
Through creating and packaging these products, the women learn a variety of skills during their time at Primrose Hill: life skills, social skills, parenting skills, work skills and discipline. Not just a center for treatment; Primrose Hill is invested in success.
My Prim Goods Beauty Bundle (minus the soap, which is
currently in my daughter's shower)
I received the Prim Goods Beauty Bundle, which included:
  • A beautiful rough-cut bar of Prim Goods Lavender Green Tea Soap
  • FREEDOM Hand & Body Soap and Hand & Body Lotion (with notes of fruit and sage)
  • SWEET DREAMS Scrub (scented with lavender)
  • Natural Lip Balm (unscented and color free)
Each item was signed by the woman responsible for its production. These women, their stories, are connected to these products and you can feel the pride of accomplishment in each one. I opened the box, looked everything over and set it on my desk to get photos of it the next day. This was my first mistake.

My products were handmade with loving care.

My daughter quickly absconded with the bar of soap, soon followed by the pump hand and body soap. These now live in her shower and she walks around the house smelling her arms and remarking about how good she smells. This is a welcome thing as she's at that age (puberty) where kids don't always smell great (ask any middle school teacher). My son might have been tempted to use The Prim Goods soaps also, but he would probably slather himself down in Axe afterwards because he is 14, after all, and he likes to be smooth bot needs to smell manly. But he’s always after me for lip balm so I think I know where that keeps disappearing to.
The hand & body lotion is chained to my desk. I’ve had to chase it down in the kids’ bathroom and the kitchen as it keeps trying to run off, but I will not wait for that thing I love to come back; I just make it more of a challenge for it to disappear away on me.

The Prim Goods lotion, hiding in plain sight on my cluttered desk.

And the sugar scrub. Oh, that sugar scrub. It’s my favorite and I’ll not say where I’ve squirreled it away lest my daughter read this and find it to hide it away for herself. The texture is perfect, not too harsh nor too soft, just what I like in a scrub, with a light, lovely scent. It left my skin soft for days!
My whole house smells like Prim Goods. That’s not a bad thing. These natural, hand-made products have a compelling story, are made American-made (in Missouri) and serve a greater good—there is power in learning a process, participating in that process and succeeding. 
Prim Goods doesn't just supply products, they supply confidence. Purpose. Prim Goods tells an inspirational, aspirational story. That's my favorite kind.

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  1. Love this! My daughter tried to steal my bar soap too!