Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Hummus is Yummus

Let's have three cheers for dubious holidays! I mean, it's easy to celebrate almost anything, and I guess celebrating is a positive way to spend our time, but most of these are not my cup of tea (note: International Tea Day? December 15). But some of them are totally my bowl of hummus.

Did you know that this Friday is International Hummus Day?! I have the perfect way to celebrate, because Bush Brothers sent me three flavors of Hummus Made Easy to make for myself and review—please note that the products were provided to me, but all opinions herein are my own.

Spoiler alert: I totally wanted to participate in this campaign because I'd already picked up this product when I saw a coupon in my Sunday paper. I have teenagers and I'm always looking for healthy snack ideas and they love hummus. I don't know if they know that it's healthy? But I know. I can't get them to eat beans in any other format—I've tried bean soup, baked beans, refried beans, beans hidden in the chili... they're not having it. But they're all about some hummus.

I've tried to make hummus in the past; it's a simple food to make (which is what makes it so good), requiring simply garbanzo beans and tahini. I mean, I've always got beans in the pantry but tahini? I don't. If you're not familiar, tahini is a lovely, delicious sort of paste made from sesame seeds and oil. My hummus recipe called for a tiny bit of it, but the smallest container I could find was about 2 cups.

I mean we like our hummus, but we're not soaking in it.

This Bush's Hummus Made Easy is so that. Only 2 ingredients required. And there are three varities: Classic and Roasted Red Pepper that blend with garbanzo beans and Southwest Black Bean that blends with black beans. For this post, I whipped up the Classic... with a few changes to make it my own.


Step 1: Gather tools and ingredients

Ingredient 1: Garbanzo beans. You can call them chick peas, but why when you can say a fun word like "garbanzo." Right?

GARBANZO! It sounds like something you yell out when you're really excited about something.

You got straight As on your report card, son?


I'm so going to make that happen.

Ingredient 2: A packet of Hummus Made Easy. Done. I'm really excited about this for a few reasons: first of all, it was easy to find. I hate when there's a new product I see and my local stores don't carry it.

This happens a lot, and since I'm a coupon shopper (not in an extreme way), I clip out my new product coupons with hopeful optimism to find these products in my store!

And usually I don't. The coupon expires before I find them. But this time I actually found it at my local WalMart, right there next to the beans which is great product placement, if you ask me.

Ingredient 3: Variety. I like to flavor it up to please my family, so I added a healthy dose of fresh pepper, 2 T of chopped parsley and 4 T crushed garlic. Yes, I used the frozen garlic and parsley because these are amazing.

Roasted garlic hummus is my favorite, with the added bonus of now I live in the country and I'm told that garlic supplements help to keep the ticks away. Is that like a Dracula/vampire carryover or is that a real thing?

Regardless, I like a lot of garlic in my food and I'm taking supplements as well, and I figure it can't hurt.

Step 2: Place all ingredients in a food processor

Well, I do have a food processor, but as I found out the last time I made hummus, the bowl is just too large to be effective. Problem.

Solution? Stick blender! Added bonus: I can use a lovely purple mason jar to whip up this concoction instead of an ugly, old food processor bowl. This feeds my inner desire to be a food blogger/TV chef.

Because if I had my own cooking show, colorful jars would be prominently featured. I have purple ones and blue ones and green ones... a quick peek at the Ball website and I see that these are the "limited edition heritage collection" colors for 2013, 2014 & 2015. Ahem, Ball, it's 2016. Make with a new color already, mama needs a new jar!

Step 3: Blend to desired consistency

My sous chef is intrigued by my blending of the hummus. Honestly, I was a tiny bit concerned about mixing up the hummus with a stick blender in a glass jar—I had disaster scenarios of broken purple glass and pureed garbanzos covering my kitchen island, but that fear was not well placed. The stick blender worked incredibly well.

And even better, cleanup is a snap—after you scrape out your blended hummus, fill up the jar with a few drops of dish soap and water, then
whir away.

I mean, I still intend to hand wash these items because that's how I was raised, but it worked to get the majority of the mess out of the jar.

Step 4: Enjoy the spoils of your hard work

I now have this glorious jar of yummus hummus in my fridge, flavors developing.

I mean, I did sample a bit as I was transferring it from the big jar to the small one (the privilege of the one who does the work), and it's delicious right now.

I might even snack on it before Friday's International Hummus Day holiday.

But first I'm going to hide the pouch in the bottom of the trash and enjoy the accolades and appreciation from my husband and kids when they taste this amazing homemade treat I just whipped up.

Total win. Even better? Healthy.

As best I can math it, here are the nutritional details for 1/4 cup of hummus:
  • Calories: 156
  • Fat grams: 10g
  • Carbohydrates: 12g
  • Protein: 5g
  • Fiber: 2g


  1. I love hummus but have never tried to make it before. I'll have to look for this Hummus Made Easy as well. I'm in a small town, so I don't find nearly as many "new" things as I'd like

    1. Thanks for commenting, Karyl! If I can find this in Choctaw, you might just find yourself lucky! :)

  2. That is a great idea to just make it in the container you will store it in! I have a small food processor which is great but then you get to scrape it out and clean it! You just made this #HummusMadeEasy even easier!