Sunday, June 05, 2016

6-5 On This Day

I'm looking out the window, quietly cursing the squirrels that are keeping the cardinals away from the feeder that just yesterday was stuffed with oily black sunflower seeds. The squirrels, apparently, are big fans.

I'm also admiring the way the light shines through these containers I scored at the At Home store for a few bucks a piece (I love a clearance sale).

It doesn't chase away the squirrels, but it makes me smile. I mean, a squirrel's gotta eat too, but these are particularly well fed. I fear that soon they might be too well fed to climb the tree and breach the feeder, which would essentially solve that bird feeder problem.

These are on my list today—fill the bird feeder and move these containers to my bedroom as part of a mini room makeover, but I can't get past the way the light shines through them. I want to fill my windows with them like a stained glass sculpture.

I love Sunday mornings, the kids are sleeping and it's just me and him and the birds and the dog, who paces the floor between us.

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