Tuesday, June 14, 2016

6-14: On This Day

The day started cloudy. Storm warnings. Postponed my morning walk and I found myself standing in the office, taking a deep breath but feeling unsettled. Needing change. I get restless and I change something and it calms me.

My table/desk has been slowly drifting since I put it in the room. First it faced one wall... then the other. Then the door, but these never were the right orientation.

Because I would always crane my neck to see out the window.

The window that has the view of the porch, which is the best place of all. Now I can see the colorful chairs and planter, the flowers that despite my best efforts to kill them, live on, the hummingbird feeder waiting on its first customer, the copper feeder that's too small for the blue jays but apparently just right for all the neighborhood squirrels.

I broke a sweat, moving around the furniture, the office ephemera that filled the space. I found myself standing there again, taking a deep breath and smiling.

And look at that; even the sun came out.

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