Tuesday, June 21, 2016

6-21 On This Day

The good news is that there were no late-night wakeups to clean out the dog cage.

The bad news is that my brain was on point for said wakeups so sleep, while it did thankfully happen, came in fits and starts.

But she's had her breakfast and her medicine and is now playing with her toys. This brings me back, reminds me of going through this with my children when they were little, they were sick, they didn't get much sleep or eat very much but they'd have those short moments of play time where you knew they were on the mend.

A few minutes was enough for her. She left me to my breakfast, walked to my office and curled up on the floor. It's her favorite room, too. She's one of my favorite office mates (okay, she's my favorite but only because she's not very chatty).

Looks like we're back to our regularly scheduled summer break programming—just in time for summer.

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