Monday, June 27, 2016

6-27 On This Day

It rained last night, so much. We needed it, and aside from those power hits interrupting my GoT watching, I was happy.

Rainy nights in the summer means waking up to a little bit cooler morning with cloudy skies and the smell of the rain on the grass and trees and streets that can't mask the change in the humidity. I can feel how I'll be wearing the air later this day, when it becomes oppressively stifling.

But the rain also brings out the wildlife, like this little guy, tiny like a June bug, I almost didn't even see him. Does this frog make my hand look fat? A tiny little sticky-footed frog hopping in the driveway. He didn't want to sit still for his close up, and he was soon hopping away in the grass. I can hear his brothers and sisters croaking in the woods with all the other noisy animals in quite a hallelujah chorus. I'm thinking they don't mind this humidity as much as I do.

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