Tuesday, June 28, 2016

6-28 On This Day

I'm not entirely a morning person. I like the idea of mornings—being awake in the quiet hours before the rest of the world rises. The INFP in me craves that quiet time. But I do not go gently into that new day. I rage against the machine first, then remind myself that, on a good day, there is time for coffee and quiet reflection (or, you know, raging) before I have to get on with it.

Today I woke up with a relatively free form to do list. It's a welcome oasis in a marching line of "wake up and do this," "wake up and do that," "wake up and take care of the thing that needs to be accomplished." Sometimes it's a beautiful thing to just wake up and "remain unfocused for a few hours and oh by the way, make sure this and that get done. You know, at some point." Working from home means that sometimes these days happen during the week and not just on the weekends, and that makes them extra special to me.

On this day, morning meant finishing a book, playing with the dog and whipping up a superhero breakfast before glancing over at the to do list. I should probably wake up the kids, but I'm kind of reveling in the quiet, and besides—they'll call this day a win if I let them sleep for another 30 minutes.

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  1. Your superhero breakfast looks delicious. And quiet mornings where you don't have to do anything in particular are the best.