Monday, June 20, 2016

6:20 On This Day

Spent the day looking for silver linings.

Spent the day walking around like a zombie from lack of sleep. Cleaning up after a sick puppy. Taking said sick puppy to the vet. Running to two separate stores to find the food that the puppy's belly doesn't violently reject.

To be clear, in human years, the puppy is 16 years old, but our babies are always our babies, right?

And my silver lining today was that those errands were run on roads like this one. Beautiful, hilly, rural back roads lined with trees and hobby farms and neighborhoods and not much of anything. So unlike what I've become used to in Oklahoma and it's been waiting here for me all along.

Now, the sun is setting and it's almost safe to sit on the porch. The dog is sleeping, medicine doing its trick to settle her belly. My eyes are glassy from working through the tired, long day. Soon, it'll be bedtime, possibly before the sun actually sets (see my reference to the previous night's lack of sleep) and I'm just grateful to have blessings to count.


  1. Poor Trixie. Hope she's feeling better. And I hope you got some sleep.

    1. Trixie is so better. But I still haven't gotten any sleep because Orange is the New Black just came out and my only time to watch tv is from 10pm-midnight. Le sigh.