Friday, June 24, 2016

A Porch in Progress

Way back in last year, we were waiting. The house was coming along, so very slowly, and it was still basically just a pile of cement and sticks.

Then we went to the place where we picked out finishes and we pored over paint, tile, carpeting, woodwork, brick colors, stone choices, door styles—it was like living in an episode of something on HGTV, and it made it all so much more real. We were allotted an hour so make our decisions before we were charged a fee for going over time, so we made our choices quickly and decisively. This is not my standard operating procedure, I usually prefer to agonize over decisions.

In the weeks that followed those choices, there was so much doubt. Decisions, quickly made, usually do not bode well. What if the countertops clashed with the tile? What if the trim paint was garish and ugly and not classic and understated as I hoped? But, one decision I never second-guessed was the front door, which I decided should be a bright, turquoisey blue. I had previously painted the door at our old house a similar color and I was still pretty smitten with it. I couldn't wait to kit out the rest of the space.

We bought that bright, happy welcome mat on one of our first of so very many trips to the store with all the hardwares and housewares and that set the theme for the porch. And, if you've visited this blog before, you know my porch is my happy place.

I am a self-procalimed #plantser, but when I'm putting together a space (how HGTV is that!?), I like to compile it from different places. I'm not the type to buy a whole room from a store, I like to take bits and pieces from everywhere. And that's how this porch is coming together. Very slowly, a piece at a time.

First up, our log collection. Due to the wood cutting outings over the winter months, the front porch soon became home to logs of all sizes that serve as tables and sometimes chairs. I mean, we are basically in the country, so they do suit the space.

Next up, giant pots. I took a quick road trip with a friend and picked up some sweet pottery from a roadside stand in New Mexico. They don't exactly match, but they go, and they are gorgeous. I had hoped to find some reasonably priced pottery to go with that welcome mat and we picked up these for a great price.

Then came the chairs. A pair of brightly-colored Adirondack-style chairs made from recycled bottles. They are comfortable, pretty and eco-friendly. We originally wanted matching colors but I prefer them mismatched. This was our result. A comfortable place to hang out in the mornings for coffee, in the evenings for beer and wine. It's where books are read and discussions are had and we watch the world slide by.

That was all well and good, but I thought the space needed some more texture (HGTV word alert!). So, off I went to my local At Home store—I had visited earlier this month with a group of bloggers at the invitation of the store for a small reception and a personal tour. I was smitten. The items I picked up that night are currently in the works for another room makeover to be posted later this summer, but I kept remembering the aisles and aisles of color-coordinated outdoor cushions and pillows.

PILLOWS FOR DAYS! Seriously. This is just one of like five shelves of this size filled with ALL! THE! PILLOWS! And these are just the outside-friendly pillows. There's even more shelves stuffed with the indoor use pillows. I might have a slight pillow addiction.

And I couldn't stop thinking about them. I had a free afternoon so I went back to the store and perused those pillows. I came up with a pair—on sale!—and on my way to the register, walked through the rug aisle and found a rug, too.

They don't match, but they do go. I'm pretty sure the rug will fade, but it was seven bucks and it's so brightly colored I think it could take it. Plus, it's a rag rug so it is reversible. This is my first foray into outdoor soft furnishings (HGTV alert), and maybe the rug could be bigger, but I'm happy with it. I'm baby stepping into this.

The best part? Pillows and rug, under $20 total because I signed up for At Home alerts and they instantly sent me coupon for 15% off, even my sale items. Here is the porch, in it's in progress glory.

But I'm not done yet. This is one side of the porch, the other side is where the kid's squirt gun and sidewalk chalk live, where I keep the old plastic coffee can with bird seed in it, where our old Cracker Barrel rocking chair and a few more stumps hang out, where the towels from the pool are draped to dry because to be honest, when there is something #pictured there is always something #notpictured, right?

Next up on the porch makeover: painting a pallet with a design that echoes the style of the welcome mat and pulls in the colors of the porch.

Who doesn't love a project?

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