Wednesday, June 15, 2016

On This Day: 6-15

Some days, morning breaks gently over the land, teasing me out of bed with a smile.

However, most days, morning falls on my head like a ton of bricks, reminding me that I have allergies and an aging, creaking body. Any guesses on which one today was?

But I've talked my daughter, who wants to join the track team, into coming for walks with me in the morning. I'd like to say "before it gets hot" at this point, but that's so not the case. It's a hot summer this year. And since she's raring to go with me and I know that since she's also almost 12, these moments when she's raring to go with me will soon be few & far between, I'm taking advantage of it.

I started a new couch to 5K program and recruited my daughter to go with me. She's been asking to run with me but my recent attempts at running have been more painful than productive. So I'm taking it slowly. She moves faster than I do, so I'm trying to keep up. And I told her I'm not stressing the process; if we miss a day, we make up for it because I am not the person to go for a run in the rain. My goal is to run a 5K maybe later in the fall and a half-marathon by 2020. Her goal is to get ready for track.

We talk about all the things—well, I talk about all the things. About writing, about posture and how to use your muscles so you don't get tired. About focus. She tells me about the books she's writing or reading and I want her to know that this is a safe place for her to talk (what happens on the walk stays on the walk) in hopes that someday she'll talk about other things. Less fictional things.


  1. Have you picked a 5k yet? I kind of want to do one too.

    1. I have not! But I'm open to finding one in the fall (when it's not eleventy million degrees out)!

  2. Mari I am just now seeing this post, months later. How wonderful that you and your girl forged this summertime routine! The heat, even in early morning, was no joke. How did it go? Are you still walking/running together? Did she join track when the school year started? Yes to safe places between mother and daughter. Somehow being physically active is a magical conduit for confession and bonding. I am sure there's science behind that, but it's good enough for me just to know that moving together and maybe being outdoors invites great conversation.
    Okay and seriously you could be ready for a half marathon way sooner than 2020!! Way. xoxo