Friday, June 17, 2016

Six Flags, Four Farthings: Road Trip, Part 3

This is the last of 3 parts in a 3 part series. You can read part 2 (the time we went to the Gateway Arch) here and part 1 (the time we went to the 100th running of the Indy 500) here.

We went all the way to Indiana on our road trip, and our final stop was a bit closer to home. We'd passed by Six Flags St. Louis every time we drove from Oklahoma to Wisconsin, and that happened a lot over the years.

We never stopped. Yes, the kids have oohed and aahed over the roller-coaster studded roadside attraction as much as I've oohed and aahed over the sign for Bourbon, but it wasn't until this year we stopped. And I think it was my favorite part of the trip!


1. We went on an off-day so the park was almost deserted. If you're going to a theme park, this is the day to go in my opinion. We spent more time on rides than waiting in line for rides.

Mother-daughter Merry Go Round selfie

2. Rollercoasters. I heard some announcements at the park that claimed this park to be the coaster capitol of Missouri and I can attest to that. We rode so many roller coasters, I got bored of them.

Father & son braving the Tower of Power

3. Repeat rides. Because the park was near to deserted, we were able to ride some rides more than once without having to jump off of them. Yay!

4. Refillable drinks. They sold these giant cups for like $20. At first I was like "that's a ripoff!" but then I was like "I need one of those!" because that $20 gives you unlimited refills. My cup runnethed over all day long. There was even special cup storage on the platforms for most of the rides.

5. My kids loved it. I mean really loved it. We were the cool parents this day. My tween and teen acted like kids and dressed up like superheroes and I might have sported a Wonder Woman cape myself for a spell.

6. We loved it. Brought us back to the days of our early marriage, when we would go to Paramount Kings Dominion in DC and ride as many rollercoasters as we could.

7. Souvenirs. The gift shops were so perfect for my kids, they had all the geeky stuff they adore: superhero stuff, Doctor Who stuff and more.

8. The adjacent hotel is awesome. I highly recommend you stay at the Holiday Inn right at the park. It feels like it's straight out of Dirty Dancing, like some sort of Adirondack resort. It has a Holodome with the big pool, hot tub, poolside bar, arcade and pizza place (wasn't open for the season yet). We arrived on Monday afternoon, checked in and hit the pool. The staff was friendly in a way that I'm sad to say just isn't the norm anymore. Totally worth it.

9. The adjacent McDonald's. Because, sometimes, when you've spent the day running around a theme park like a teenager and you're about 30 years past that, lying on a hotel bed with the AC cranked, all you want for dinner is a cheeseburger and some cardboardeaux.


  1. Where would one purchase a Wonder Woman cape?

    1. Well, first you have to fly your invisible plane down to the Amazon... ;)