Friday, July 22, 2016

7-22 On This Day

I'm awake too early and the coffee wasn't ready so my brain isn't entirely engaged just yet.

I let the dog out when she demanded to do so and she immediately went for the woods. This wouldn't be so bad, except that the only voice she listens to is my husband. If anyone else gives her an order, she takes it into consideration and then, usually, disregards it. Today I don't feel like fighting it so I let her thrash about in the poison ivy and just kind of accept the fact that it's going to happen—the thrashing and the rashing.

I just embraced the morning and the time to walk around the yard thinking about poison ivy and steroid shots, and I noticed that the pokeweed has gotten quite impressive. I need to find some good alternatives to encourage in the woods after I napalm the poison ivy, and maybe this is a good alternative? Oh, nevermind, I just googled that shit and turns out one should "avoid touching pokeweed with your hands" because "toxic."

I'm reading a mixed bag of results, those who encourage its growth and others who clear cut it. I think I'll leave the little patch on the edge of the trees. It's pretty and the wildlife benefit from it, so we can overlook a little toxicity for that, right?

In my more maudlin moments I question why my yard wants to kill me, what with its abundant poison ivy, poison oak, Virginia creeper and now pokeweed. Oh and spiders. Scorpions. Various snakes (as yet unwitnessed).

And then I look again and I'm thankful for the good parts, like the trees. Wildflowers. Birds like cardinals, mourning doves, something called the Chuck-will's widow, whose call fills the air come nightfall, fighting for dominance with the cicadas and the crickets and the frogs.

But that's for later—now it's morning and I'll drink my coffee and look for the silver lining in all that poison ivy.

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