Wednesday, July 27, 2016

7-27: On This Day

It's been a crazy week already and I think I'm getting sick from going between heat & AC compounded with the humidity that's blanketing us and wreaking havoc on my sinuses. My brain is spinning from politics and the reality that back to school is like three weeks from now (how does that even happen?) and the rush of hitting the streets and running again. Nothing gets me moving as fast as a good playlist.

So, I took 10 minutes and made a new running playlist (as is my way). I make them long in case some of the songs don't work out (you just never know). It's not in any particular order since I shuffle it when I run, and it's just over an hour total time. Here it is:
  1. Kiss It (DOROTHY)
  2. Freedom (Beyonce)
  3. Free-For-All (Ted Nugent)
  4. My Church (Maren Morris)
  5. Take Back the Power (The Interrupters)
  6. WTF (Where they From) (Missy Elliot)
  7. Get Your Fight On (The Prodigy)
  8. America's Sweetheart (Elle King)
  9. God Smack (Alice in Chains)
  10. Bang Bang (Ariana Grande)
  11. Careless (Royal Blood)
  12. City of Angels (The Distillers)
  13. Fell in Love with a Girl (The White Stripes)
  14. Ready, Steady Go (Generation X)
  15. Bitter Rivals (Sleigh Bells)
  16. Tall Cans in the Air (Transplants)
  17. Renegades of Funk (Rage Against the Machine)
What's your jam?

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