Thursday, July 07, 2016

7-7: On This Day

Back to life, back to reality ...

Spent my first day back home working at a new gig, celebrating my adopted state. When I was in Wisconsin, I had so many people ask me... Why do you live in Oklahoma?

At the time, I just didn't know what to say. There, surrounded by family in the cool summer temps, visiting landmarks and loved ones, I really didn't know why I lived in Oklahoma and not Wisconsin. I sat at a picnic on the Fourth of July with 30 or so members of my immediate family, I watched my kids dive in and not want to surface. I said, it's where my house is, where our jobs are, where the kids go to school.

Then I came home and it all settled onto me like it always does. Honestly? I love my adopted state, it's home to me. This might be because I've been lucky enough do work at jobs that teach me about Oklahoma and remind me what makes this state a great place to live.

Why do I live in Oklahoma? Because it's home. I'm proud to be an #OkieFromMilwaukee.

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