Wednesday, July 20, 2016

7:20 On This Day

I mean, first of all, I should reiterate that I'm not a food blogger nor really a food photographer. I do enjoy occasionally taking pictures of my food at restaurants, but usually do so in a surreptitious fashion—a slip of the phone, a silent click, phone goes away, food goes down the gullet.

Today, it was this delicious lunch from the Iron Star Grill with my friend Rose who happens to have a full time gig at my part time gig. I get to spend time at a desk in a super cold office building doing work and while I really love it, it's put a crimp in the whole free time thing and sometimes even the blogging thing. We like to talk about blogging, she and I, and we both berate ourselves over our own perceived failings. And then she goes I love those 'On This Day' posts that you do, those are fun and I told her she would soon be starring in one with me.

Sort of.

Our lunch was the star at least—a pulled pork sandwich with coleslaw and a tub of sauce. oh, and mac and cheese that convinced me Rose's lunch order sounded way better than the salad I planned to have (though, to be fair, this place has really bomb salads, too). And when I told her about the restaurant I sometimes go to as a guilty pleasure she said that it's her go-to as well and she loves that cheesy baked ziti they have and I was just about to tell her that I had recently discovered that dish and realized it was as close to perfect as I've had, which means that it's the closest thing I've found to the rigatoni al forno that I used to get at the little Italian place I loved in Germany?

Well, I don't know that I could have had a much happier lunch today.

A good friend, great conversation that never stopped and amazing food. I'll stick a fork in that.

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