Wednesday, August 10, 2016

8-10: On This Day

First of all—let me tell you, last night's dinner was a hit. Roast in a crock pot with vegetables that the kids actually ate without complaint. That's partly because I used a crock-pot liner and it was easy clean up for them and partly because of the potatoes.

Except for a few fried exceptions (tots, hash browns and fries), my kids hate potatoes.

Maybe it was the influence of The Martian and Mark Watney, but they were happy to eat them last night. I'm not concerned with why. I'm just calling this one a win for Mom.

Last night I walked around the house and snapped a few pictures of the nature that isn't trying to kill me. The summer is hot and happily progressing to fall.

These flowers are the plant version of me when it comes to the heat. Seemingly overnight they went from lush and thriving to over it. Kind of like me. I started the summer strong, I did my best to enjoy the heat, but now I'm pretty much over it.

These roses weren't my first choice for the flowerbeds, but they've proven to be hardcore. They've flowered in the heat, cold, damn and dry. I'm not a fussy plant person and I didn't have much hope in them, but these guys are tougher than they seem. Respect.

The oaks are getting ready for the fall. This makes me giddy. The tress know it's coming. Acorns are cropping up all over the place, plus those ball things that the ash tress are currently sprouting. Those don't excite me as much, I'm just thinking about how many of them my dog (she of the sensitive stomach) will eat. But with these acorns popping, maybe the squirrels will give the feeders a break.

Ahh, the clouds. Didn't realize this one was fuzzy but they were so pretty and the air was lighter than it's been in days. The sky here is big, the clouds are always changing.

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