Thursday, August 04, 2016

8-4: On This Day

I've been a freelancer for like the past 15 years now. For some of that, I did go into the office but it was a small office, just 2 of us really, and I could basically adhere to my own dress code. But this summer I've been going to an actual office. With, like, key cards and a water cooler and an ice machine that spits out Sonic ice and a firm rule about pants. It's legit.

It's been a great time to remember how the other half lives, enough so that I'd like to convert from my work from home ways that I took on when I had kids and return to the 9 to 5 grind. I mean, the kids are pretty much self-sufficient at this point. They could probably last on their own for a few days if they really had to, as long as the wifi was working and there were Doritos in the pantry.

There are pros and cons for freelance work and office work, of course. I mean, working from home means that I get to wear pajamas and listen to Rage Against the Machine really loud and do laundry in between projects.

Okay, that last part was maybe not so much a pro as a con.

But working in an office has benefits, too—like people. Collaboration. I can still listen to my music, just on headphones. But maybe the best perks is the multiple candy jars all over the office, which I usually bypass, then then I found this today:

I'd wear pants for that.

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