Monday, August 08, 2016

At Home Budget Makeover

Earlier this summer, I was invited to the grand opening of a new At Home store in my area for a sneak preview of the store in exchange for a post about it. I love to write about the things I love, so this wasn't even something I had to think twice about. All opinions and ideas herein are my own because my opinions and ideas are not for sale.

In June, I did a mini porch makeover with a few items from At Home because the porch is pretty much my favorite place in my house. I spent under $20 on things including pillows and a rug that have made my porch even more pretty. But the porch has got some competition now that I've finished my bedroom makeover.

We moved to a house in the woods with a porch and bigger rooms and I tell you—it's a process. We still haven't had a housewarming party eight months later because there is always something left undone—a project to complete, a something that needs to be fixed. I feel like we're still a work in progress. So when I get a small victory? I celebrate.

When I went to the At Home event, we were treated to snacks and wine and a peek into how the store is organized. The store is huge. like, HUGE. But it's really well-organized so if you find yourself wandering aimlessly for hours, that might be on purpose.

We were told about the way accessories were arranged in the store, by decorating style. If you know your style, you know what you're looking for, be it Boho Chic or Mid-Century Mod. And the best thing is that the styles all bleed into one another so it can be fun to stretch your decorating muscles a bit and reach into other categories when decorating a room.

I like to have an eclectic style and my house reflects that—most of what we have as been accumulated over 24 years of marriage and travels. That kind of style is easy to create in one visit to an At Home store by selecting items from different style sections.

But while the store is well-organized, you might want to clear your schedule when you visit the store, because there is so much to see. Rows and rows of all the things. And you can find those little perfect things that you didn't know you needed.

 Like barstools that look like bottle caps.

Or a pillow that looks *exactly* like your dog!

But back to the point here. I was doing a bedroom makeover. My comforter/bed spread/whatever the kids are calling it these days has been around since we moved into our last house, some 11 years ago. It served us well but it was sage green and muted colors and 11 years of wear have made it look all the more muted.

So I needed something brighter. And on a budget. Fast forward to results (because I didn't take sad "before" pics) ...

First we picked out curtains (necessity and all). Then the lamp. That sort of set the tone. We went with neutrals that would match with everything on purpose. I love the blown glass look of this lamp and the textured shade with the muted curtains. All of these were found at local big-box stores.

Then came the chairs. We wanted something comfortable and durable because we like furniture that lasts. We picked out these chairs and the fabric, which is a woven dark denim color that reminds me of one of the first pieces of furniture we bought together, a denim-covered loveseat. The chairs fit the little space perfectly, but they took a while to get here. So while we waited for them ...

I hit the At Home store and came out with the perfect comforter. The colors are so beachy and fresh, not overly flowery and in colors that we both like. A bonus, it's reversible and came in a bag with a few throw pillows to boot (featured on the chairs).

The blue is a bit indigo/violet and matches really well with this purple knitted blanket that kind of appeared in my family in the 1970s. I think one of my sisters probably made it, but none of them will lay claim to it. I think it's the love child of dark paneling and green shag carpeting.

And I have a love/hate relationship with those clearance shelves on the way to the checkout register. Hate because impulse buying is a trigger for me. But love because that's where I found these jar candle holders (that I'm using as a tissue holder, random crap holder and, yes, a candle holder) and these round place mats that tie in the blue of the chairs and the bedding. All of it for like $10.

I love it when a theme comes together.

So there's my little bedroom makeover, thanks in big part to At Home.

And no I'm not showing the other side of the room because where do you think all the shoes and clothes and books and purses and random crap that I cleared off this side of the room had to go? I mean, we do actually live in this room.

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