Wednesday, August 24, 2016

B is for Bubbles

When I was a kid, things were pretty easy. It was the 70s. Things weren’t as unhygienic as they appeared on Stranger Things (seriously; everything looks like it needs a good washing on that show), and while I avoided taking a bath when my mom told me I needed to be clean (fine; maybe some things were unhygienic), I loved to take bubble baths with Mr. Bubble because that made bath time fun.

Rest assured, I learned to appreciate hygiene as I entered double-digits.

Fast forward to adulthood; after a good year or so of dorm life (thanks to the USAF), I got married, moved into an apartment and had a bathtub of my very own. After all of that dorm life, I was ready for Calgon to take me away. But as I stood in the grocery store and looked over the bubble bath offerings, nothing looked or smelled or felt just right. Until I picked up that pink bottle and took a sniff for old times’ sake… and that’s the bottle that landed in my cart.

So when the people at Mr. Bubble reached out and asked me to review some products from their new Luxe line, just the suggestion made my nose tingle in anticipation of that iconic smell. The products were provided to me, but the opinions shared herein are all mine.

Now, let me be perfectly clear here—I’m not a bath person. When we built our house, we asked to have the master tub removed and have a shelf and bench installed in its place, a decision I’ve not regretted once. But, lucky for me, Mr. Bubble is not just for bath time anymore.

The new Mr. Bubble Luxe line contains a range of products—yes, bubble bath, but also body butter, bath bombs, shower crème and fragrances. They’ve expanded beyond the iconic Original Bubble scent to include Sweet & Clean scent and Sparkling Sorbet and all are feminine and fun, just like the retro-styled packaging.

The Daydream shower crème is rich and lathery and even with its Original Bubble scent, did not leave me smelling like a toddler. The All Buttered Up body butter is incredibly thick and not a bit greasy, perfect for a little end of summer pampering on my rough knees and elbows. And the Shine On lip balm? This is maybe my favorite retro packaging, just like the balm I carried in that tiny pocket in my jeans when I was a kid. Every woman of a certain age has a fondness for that little metal slide packaging, and the Original Bubble flavor leaves my lips smelling sweet, not soapy.

And as for those Bubbletini bath bombs? That Sweet & Clean scent is perfect for pedicures. I may not like baths, but I’m not a wild animal and I do appreciate a pedicure, especially one that happens in my bathroom, where I can sit on the bench and enjoy a glass of wine (or a martini, inspired by that cute packaging and name) while I’m at it. I just drop one in the tub and soak my tired, aching toes. Aaaaah.

Thanks, Mr. Bubble for making hygiene fun again—and reasonably priced, to boot, MSRP for lip balm is $4, everything else just $10 (not including gift sets... but find out all the sweet info about that at


  1. I'm gonna need that lip balm, and I love the idea of using bath bombs for pedicures. I, too, am not a bath person, but only because we have the smallest bath tub in the universe .

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