Tuesday, August 16, 2016

My Strange Addiction

It's the first day of school today, so naturally I went to the office supply store yesterday. No, the kids' school supplies have been bought and stashed and at the ready for them. I went to the office store to buy myself some pens.

Because when life gives me stress (and a sales flyer that shows PaperMate Flair pens for half off), I get my ass to the office store to buy them. And some giant Post-It Notes. And a posterboard that has a dry erase finish. And markers to use on it.

I confess: new markers and office supplies soothe my stressed out soul like nothing else can.

And back to school is stressful. Thankfully my kids are excited... for the most part. The little one is so filled with all the amazingly good things to come, she forgot that last year was kind of a bust and left her feeling a bit broken. These are the emotions of a tween girl, right? The older one is entering high school. I wander around muttering I can't believe he's in high school and I still see his chubby toddler legs when he gangles about the house with his too-long legs.

So, now it's just me and the dog—but since we've had the feral woods fenced off, she just wants to run outside and explore them (by which I mean roll around in stinky things and poison ivy).

Used to be I'd be pushing them into the school on the first day and now I feel like I have to pry my fingers off their arms. This will last for about 3.5 days, until I have to go in and wake them up like a basic training instructor (GET UP! GET UP! GET UP!), 10 minutes before the bus comes, after the newness wears off and the reality of that 0630 school bus gets real.

I look forward to those silent hours with my coffee and stinky dog.

But for today, I'll clutch my pretty new pens and hold my breath until the bus pulls up again.

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