Monday, August 29, 2016

New Planner! Trying out the Day Designer

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend. I say it’s paper products. Tomato/potato.

But, seriously, nothing makes me happier than PaperMate felt tip pens (which I seriously just wrote about like last week)… colorful Post-It notes… and, of course, a perfect planner.

So, when the folks at Day Designer asked me if I would like to review their planner, I might have squeed out loud. They provided me with the planners and I’m providing my unvarnished, honest opinion on them.

I received the Midyear Flagship Edition and Midyear Flagship Mini Edition—one for me and one for my tween daughter who has also inherited her mother’s adoration of office supplies and paper products.

My daughter, who just turned 12, loves her planner because it has room for doodles—she’s all about the doodles. She can keep track of her assignments and it's cute. Small enough to not take up too much real estate in her backpack that seems to weigh between 50 and 487 pounds on any given day. I think her teachers will like it because not all of her assignments will be covered in her doodles, making it so much easier to see the answers to the questions. Win/win.

I usually do not like a spiral-bound planner for myself—without fail, the spiral always gets snagged on something in my purse and pulled out of joint, rendering it basically useless. After a month or so of carrying this Day Designer, this hasn't happened—and during a time when I wasn't just working from my home office but commuting most days, there was ample opportunity for snagging. Never happened. The metal on this spiral is strong and heavier than average so it held up to potential snag scenarios. Advantage, Day Designer.

The planner is also larger than I normally carry—and heavier. My last planner was a Moleskine notebook that I customized for my purposes, so of course it was much lighter. But the pages in my Day Designer are thicker so I can write with my PaperMate Flair felt tip pens—and look how they match with the abstract floral design on the cover! In my Moleskine, the pens bled through. The heft of the notebook is a minus for me, but as a freelancer, I work at home more often than not and the planner lives on my desk, with rare trips away from home. And the thicker pages also mean that they don't tear from the spiral like most others. Advantage, Day Designer.

I like that there are monthly pages (tabbed) and daily pages that include customized areas for notes and appointments, room to plan dinner and write down daily gratitude (that's on my to do list), and each page is topped with an inspirational quote, like: If not us, who? If not now, when? —JFK and I wasn't plannign to lead; I was standing in the back and then everyone turned around. —Avery Hiebert and my favorite, Fall seven times. Stand up eight.

I'm a sucker for an inspirational quote. Advantage: Day Designer.

I also like the idea of a new planner starting in June instead of January. After getting through the winter and the spring, the end of another school year, I'm ready for a fresh start. The front of the planner has a year-long calendar on a two-page spread (great for blog planning), a goal map, a place to track your big ideas and room for notes. Though the pages are very structured, there's room for story ideas, reminders, lists—and yes, doodles. I'm a fan, myself.

Thank you to Day Designer for providing me these planners for review. The opinions contained within this post are my own honest opinions on the product and my opinions are not for sale.


  1. I love PaperMate felt tip pens, too!

    Maybe I can fondle your planner next month? I am a little leery of the spiral.

    1. You can fondle my planner anytime, Sonia. :)

  2. Another LOVE we have in common. I have yet to find a planner that works for me. I haven't tried Day Designer though. Might give it a whirl.

    1. It's an investment but totally sturdy and pretty, too.

  3. I'm such a sucker for planners and I also adore those pens. I'm trying to resist getting a new planner right now. If I do it will be my third this year!

  4. I just got the DayDesigner planner for work as well. I'm a huge fan of June starting planners. The end of the summer just screams for a new beginning to me. I got the blue and white striped one, I wish I had the pretty abstract florals though!