Friday, September 16, 2016

9-16: On This Day

It's the middle of September (or close enough) and it's a Friday, so why not catch up on some pop culture?

So not that I'm obsessively counting down the days to the 7th season of The Walking Dead or anything, but this week Netflix also did me the proper of letting me know that season 6 is locked and loaded and ready for me to binge again.

I am super stoked because I need my fix of Rick and Daryl and Carl! and the gang, but even more than that, I really am tired of playing the "who did Negan and Lucille take out at the end of season 6" game because I need to know.

I mean it can't be Glenn, we just had a Glenn is dead scare. But it can't be Abraham either, because I'm still waiting for his relationship with Sasha to kick up, and yeah, so it can't be her either. And Maggie's pregnant, so that would just be wrong. And Carl, well he's just a kid and I think Negan talking about him losing his other eye was a good nod that it wouldn't be him—or Rick for that matter because I mean, he's our protagonist and this is not Game of Thrones. But not Daryl! Nope, not even going to entertain that one. He's got too much left to say (I hope). And Michonne!? Nope. Can't lose that girl yet, she's too bad ass and needs to stand against Negan in season 7, we need her. My money is on Aaron. Yes, he's new, but when I binged season 6 the first time, he's who my money was on just based on his pre-Negan behavior in that season finale. So there's that.

So, until season 7 airs next month, I'll be watching Netflix. Oh, and breaking it up with this on YouTube:


So I was saving this one until next month but I couldn't wait because I seriously love this Florida punk band for so many reasons.

Their songs are catchy and some are more alternative/rock than punk, but the song lyrics are clever and sharp-witted, taking on political and social issues with Grace's unuqie perspective. The themes speak to so many issues I could relate to—restlessness, challenging authority, questioning what is—things that are universal.

And their lead singer, Laura Jane Grace is a total badass who was born Thomas James Gabel. I can't wait to read her book (coming out in November) and Vogue put up a really great interview with her yesterday.

And today, she liked my tweet when I posted that I was listening to it. I might have squeed.


Currently editing a fiction book that I'm super excited about, so that means that my reading for pleasure has to be nonfiction. I'm loving this Amy Schumer memoir because while some of what she says resonates with me, other things she says inspire, annoy or irritate me. She's funny and witty, honest and raw and likes creepy stuffed animals.

I'm also determined to become a person who doesn't break down at 4:30 every day under the pressure of OMG! What am I going to make for dinner!

Yes, I'm a woman of a certain age living in a suburb and this is a real thing.

Picked up this Southern Living title on sale yesterday (score!) and I'm determined to make it my bitch. And in the interest of not having the 4:30 freakout today...


Looks like I don't even know what. Smells like garlic-onion-savory pork heaven. I'll let you know how it turns out.

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