Thursday, September 22, 2016

9-22: On This Day

I've been assured that fall is coming. Regardless of the calendar—yes, I know that officially fall has dropped—I'm relying on the thermometer to tell me and it has yet to weigh in. The heat rolls forth.

Though, this morning... this morning was literally a breath of fresh air. There was still a slight chill to be found when I took out the dog before the sun, when I went out to capture the sun-streaked sky at sunrise behind the trees and I was buzzed by a big hawk, even after the sun was up when I went for a walk.

The Mercury retrograde period ended last night, so maybe it took some of the hot with it? Yes, I know, that's not how it works. But it's a hell of a coincidence and I'm happy for it.

Thank you, chill, for being there. You give me hope.

The world is confusing right now. There is so much dissension, I don't even know where to turn. I don't know how to fix it. I like things I can fix. But how do we fix this? We start within, we make big changes, we spread them wide. Do what Jesus would do—no matter what your creed, Jesus was a guy who stood up for those who needed standing up for. Can't we all agree that's a good goal to strive for?

Those are my early-morning, cool weather, goodbye Mercury retrograde thoughts.

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