Tuesday, September 27, 2016

9-27: On This Day

Fall has finally arrived in the air, and I celebrated in one of my favorite ways—throwing wide my windows and welcoming in the chilly breezes. Only I realized that the placement of my desk in my office was not making the best use of said window as I have to sort of contortion around the table and between the shelf to reach the window, and even then it would only open a few inches because I can't get leverage.

That just won't do.

So this morning I've been doing my fall cleaning and moved around some furniture to make better use of that window. I realized I could tuck that chair I love so much between my desk and the window if I moved my desk back far enough—which solves 2 problems, since the chair was in the way of moving my desk back. I mean, I'm not a hoarder, per se, but I do tend to gather those things I love around me, so my office is stuffed quite full.

There was a moment of apprehension where I considered how much this wouldn't work out, how much I would regret it, how much I would hate it... but then I reminded myself that it was temporary. And you never know if something will be right unless you rule out that it's wrong.

Trixie seems to approve. Though I do question her judgement; she obviously also thinks she's a lap dog.

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