Thursday, September 08, 2016

9-8: On This Day

We put in a fence about a month ago. The feral woods at the back of the house have been contained but not yet tamed, and while I stare at them with my coffee each morning and visualize the plans I have for the overhaul, Trixie just stares at them with unadulterated excitement and we begin our game of "where the hell did Trixie go" every time I let her out in the yard.

After bolting from the door straight back into the treeline, there is usually a treasure hunt. She loves to bring me small sticks, large branches and that one memorable time, a blue jay that I cannot confirm nor deny that she killed. Still trying to forget that one, but she was pretty self-satisfied with her treasure. My only regret was that nobody else was home so I couldn't recreate the classic Eddie Murphy skit ("... dead bird! Gonna put it on you! ...)

This morning, she spent her time in the side yard where it's easier to spot her, but most mornings she's the shadow way back in the tree line. Really makes me look forward to snow, if only because it'll be easier to find her out there.

And the fact that the snow will kill all the poison ivy is definitely a bonus.

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  1. Look closely, you can see the rare North American Trixie Dog in her natural habitat...