Monday, October 17, 2016

10-17: On This Day

This weekend, a dear friend told me, when I told her that I was a rule follower, that I was a rebel. I mean, I own that as a younger version of myself, I rebelled against basically everything. But as the current version of myself, I tend to prefer more structure. Guidelines. A to-do list. Deadlines.

Or do I?

Because, here's the thing, though I like to have guidelines, it's not necessarily so I can work within them. And a to-do list irritates me as much as it motivates me. Deadlines sometimes mark the day after the day I need to start working a project.

Because, rebel. But maybe not so much rebellious as contrary. I own that label.

@marifarthing Moon in the morning

Like this morning moon. It's morning moon! Go home! It's time for sun! But I love to find the moon in the sky in the morning. It shouldn't be so bright, but it is. I don't like things that fit in a box or can be easily labeled. At first, it might be soothing to see where things can be put into categories, organized and stored. But soon, that feels restrictive.

I don't like to be categorized.

I'm a mother, I'm a middle-aged woman, I'm a blogger, whatever. A stereotype. Those stereotypes always have a silent "just" in front of it: just a mother, just a middle-aged woman, just a blogger. You get the picture.

And I don't want to be your stereotype even if my recent Target outing was a pumpkin spice latte short of a middle-aged suburban mom stereotype.

@marifarthing I'm a PSL short of a stereotype

That full moon was inspiring me to do a moon-themed playlist but then I searched and the first thing that came up was Dark Side of the Moon, so that's going to be the soundtrack of my day today.

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