Tuesday, October 25, 2016

10-25: On This Day

I listened to a podcast this weekend, Boss Girl Creative's # 071, Busting Through Overwhelm, by Taylor Bradford. It's a really great podcast by a really smart woman who I was lucky enough to meet through the Women Bloggers. This episode spoke to me in a big way.

What I got from Taylor this week was that it's important to be yourself. Do what you need to do, not what someone else thinks you need to do. I struggle with the imposter syndrome—where I fear that someone else will realize I don't know what the eff I'm doing because I'm just winging it over here. But here's the deal—I do know what I'm doing. And I feel that imposter syndrome when I'm trying to be someone I'm not. When I'm being an imposter. So, let's not do that, hmm?

And today, I'm kicking it old school. My playlist:
  1. Down in the Boondocks (Billy Joe Royal)
  2. Spill the Wine (War w/ Eric Burden)
  3. Nighttime is the Right Time (Ray Charles)
  4. She's a Bad Mama Jama (Carl Carlton)
  5. Atomic Dog (George Clinton & The P-Funk All Stars)
  6. Gett Off (Prince)
  7. Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground) (Michael Jackson)
  8. Jump Around (House of Pain)
  9. It Takes Two (DJ EZ Rock & Rob Base) 
  10. Black Cat (Janet Jackson)

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