Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Plead the Fifth (playlist)

Where do playlists come from? For me, sometimes, it's when I have songs that seem serendipitous when they pop up on a random shuffle in the car. The other day, it happened when Goodbye Earl was followed up by Jailbreak and then Copperhead Road.

So, why not a playlist about crime?

I once told my son, when he asked me what a particular song was about, that all songs were about sex. That's a bit oversimplified, but there are certainly a lot of common themes in songs: sex, drugs/alcohol, working, unrequited love, social injustice and crime.

I can probably put most of the songs in my library into one or more of these categories but since I don't have a free day to tackle this organizational project, I'll just stick with my favorite crime-themed songs (in no particular order):

Goodbye Earl—The Dixie Chicks
Jailbreak—Thin Lizzy
Copperhead Road—Steve Earle
Points of Authority/99 Problems—Jay Z/Linkin Park
Give Me Some Water—Eddie Money
I Fought the Law—The Clash
Modern Day Bonnie & Clyde—Travis Tritt
The Night Chicago Died—Paper Lace
Jail Guitar Doors—The Clash
Been Caught Stealin'—Jane's Addiction
Hot Rod Lincoln—Commander Cody
Smooth Criminal—Michael Jackson
18 and Life—Skid Row
Bitch Better Have My Money—Rihanna
Gangsta's Paradise—Coolio
Pancho & Lefty—Merle Haggard & Willie Nelson
Folsom Prison Blues—Johnny Cash
Prison Bound—Social Distortion
Hey Joe—Jimi Hendrix
Gunpowder & Lead—Miranda Lambert
Take the Money and Run—Steve Miller Band

Do you have a favorite song about crime?


  1. Oh man. I love me some Copperhead Road. Once, in a fight of drunken inspiration, I sand it at a karaoke night, only I sand it to the tune of Holiday know, from the Vacation movie.

    1. I can totally see you doing that!