Tuesday, October 18, 2016

ROCKtober Guest Post: Elizabeth Michelle

There's this thing called the "Oklahoma Standard" that we hear about all the time—describing how when asked, they will always rise to the occasion and do what needs doing. That's what happened when I asked my Oklahoma Women Blogger ladies and Elizabeth Michelle stepped up right away and said "Hells yes I want to participate in ROCKtober!" I mean, I might be paraphrasing her reply, but she totally stepped up to share a playlist. I love that.

She writes all the things, including romance novels and blog posts at elizabeth-michelle.com. I'm thrilled to welcome Elizabeth to share her music post! Give her a big, warm welcome.

For me October is the beginning of the slow months. After a long year it is the month that makes me want to curl up inside my house with something warm to drink, my dog beside me, and listen to some music that makes me feel warm, but doesn't forget that the cold is coming.

October is mums and pumpkins, the first hint of colors changing in the trees on my street. It is quiet and cooling down and the sounds of leaves skittering across the pavement are the soundtrack. Every year for the past several has meant October Readathon, where I give myself permission to do nothing but read for a day. I've got some very particular needs when it comes to listening to music while reading or writing, namely no lyrics, so the songs I'm sharing with you today aren't at all suitable for that. But I'll be listening to this while I stack my books and prepare for a long day of reading this coming Saturday.

To me this time of year is very special and although it's become cliche to enjoy autumnal delights in recent years, it's still my very favorite. I am most likely to hibernate and listen to music this time of year than any other, so I knew I'd have something to put together for Mari and her ROCKtober fun here on her blog.

When I put this playlist together I was thinking of the creeping darkness that October brings with it. Daylight hours drift away and night comes early. The smell of wood burning hangs in the air, fires crackle and spark--on the prairie and in backyard firepits--and here in Oklahoma the chill almost reaches us, sometimes gracing us with its presence on dark nights, but it hangs back a little, hesitant to join the party. I love the impending cold and what it does to the leaves and prairie grasses. Anyone can tell you our fall, the colorful part, lasts about a week and then things are brown until sometime in mid-March. I'm fine with that though. I like the sleepy hush October brings and the promise of renewal on the other side.

Deep Dark Valley - Jon Bryant
Burden - Foy Vance
A Little Fire - Parker Millsap
I'll Get Even - John Paul White
The Wind and the Storm - Seryn
I Can't Make You Love Me - Calli Malpas
This Woman's Work - Kate Bush
Call Me Home - Girl Blue
Tornadoland - Regina Spektor
You Just Don't Know People - Rumer
Beekeeper - Dessa
Prairie Town - The Wailin' Jennys

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