Friday, October 14, 2016

ROCKtober Guest Post: Marie Wreath

Marie Wreath is one of the most individual individuals I know. She's kind and she's creative and she loves to run and she ... loves. Seriously, she leads with love and that's one of the things I absolutely adore about her.

When she's not featured here, she's blogging at Lazy W Marie—but lazy is probably the last word I would use to describe her! I'm thankful to have found her through the Oklahoma Women Bloggers and happy to call her friend. 
I'm thrilled to have Marie here to share her music love, so let's all welcome Marie!

I am a sucker for good music but a certifiable devotee of great lyrics. To me the words being sung matter as much as, or maybe more than, the instrumentals. And I have a piece of craftiness to demonstrate this penchant.

It’s a sizable painter’s canvas, embellished slowly over the years, that hangs in our downstairs blue bathroom. I bought it many moons ago at a garage sale and paid a whole quarter for it. It is about four feet wide and three feet tall, covered by the original artist in broad, roughly edged, horizontal strokes of dense color. More modern and graphic than anything in my collection at that time, I sat with it “bare” like that for several months then in a panic of self expression one day started layered it with a smattering of favored song lyrics. (I am no artist but an energetic embellisher.) I love too many songs to call those first additions my true and actual all-time favorites, you know how that goes, but they were favored in the way that nice, comfy earworms happen or that songs might appear in a loosely assembled music soundtrack of one’s life.

The embellishments have been easy-going and gradual, as the spirit moves me. I just scrawl a yummy phrase here and there using acrylic paint and cheap brushes, maybe magic markers, in whatever font or shape fits that mood. Each little bit reminds me of some wonderful part of life. The tambourine song? My grandmother. And three cheers for Pearl Jam, ok? You may see that some canvas real estate remains available; I’m in no hurry to fill it. The right words will bubble up to the surface at the right time. And I am on the verge of adding some mixed media decoupage, too.

What has landed on this big canvas so far are lines from Johnny Cash, Pearl Jam, The Oakridge Boys, The Beatles, Collective Soul, the Moulin Rouge soundtrack, and Kenny Wayne Shepherd. I keep wanting to add something from Shakira but always forget which song by the time I find a paint brush. Such is life.

See how many words catch your eye and whether we have any lyrical overlap! And please tell me whether this causes you any earworms, ha! Often people who visit this bathroom emerge singing something.

Thanks for the invite to celebrate music, Mari! Happy Roctober!

Can’t Buy What I Want Because it’s Free

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