Saturday, October 22, 2016

ROCKtober Guest Post: Marisa Mohi

Welcome to guest #ROCKtober blogger Marisa Mohi!

Not only did she agree to hop over and share a playlist with me, it's her birthday today. She's someone I love to be awkwardly social with, and our time together is usually spent drinking coffee, swearing profusely, discussing topics from capsule wardrobes to pop culture to writing and editing. She's probably my favorite millennial that I'm not related to.

She's wicked smart, well-educated and so accomplished she makes me feel a little bit bad about myself but also happy that I get to be friends with her. Marisa has great taste in music and favorite seasons and she teaches writing at OU and blogs about smart things at

Let's give a warm welcome—and Happy Birthday!—to Marisa.


Even though this is the time of year when the leaves turn and everything seems to be curling up in preparation for hibernation, it’s the time of year when I wake up. October is a time when I contemplate new beginnings. That’s because my birthday is in October. In fact, my birthday is today.

Even though I’m turning 31 today, I’m still largely the same person I was at 15. (Though, with a few more pounds and a very intense under eye skin care routine.) I still wear hoodies and sneakers like I’m going to a show at the Green Door, a venue that is no more. I still write furiously in Molekskines that I keep tucked in my back pocket. I still daydream about blasting the stereo in my car and running away. And October still gives me the same feeling it used to when I was 15 -- that feeling of being young and artistic and alive.

What can I say? I’ve loved fall since before PSLs and Pinterest memes about basic girls. October is generally when the weather finally cools off in Oklahoma, though not so much this year. But I will always think of October as the time when I put on my hoodie, leave the house in that early fall twilight, and start walking. Back in the day, I’d walk to see a band play, or to find a quiet place away from screens and speakers to write or read.

So when I put this playlist together, I wanted to recreate a feeling I associate with October. It’s the sound of sneakers crunching leaves on the sidewalk. It’s the feel of cold air hitting your lungs as you walk through a dark street. It’s your hands balled into the pockets of your hoodie. It’s sitting on a bench outside and scribbling madly into a notebook. It’s also a great playlist to use if you feel like maybe you need to run away a little bit.

Constructive Summer by The Hold Steady (Yes, this is a song about summer. But I’m way more constructive in the fall.)

Jungleland by Bruce Springsteen

We Could Be Kings by Dave Hause

I’m On Fire covered by Bats for Lashes

Don’t Lose Touch by Against Me!

We Are the Sons and Daughters of Woody Guthrie by Red City Radio

Drive by The Gaslight Anthem

 Look What Happened by Less Than Jake

Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt by Masked Intruder

I Still Believe by Frank Turner

Elizabeth by The Airborne Toxic Event

Lean on Sheena by The Bouncing Souls

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