Monday, November 21, 2016

11-21: On This Day

It's cold outside, but the coffee is hot. Kids and dog are sleeping—it's Thanksgiving break. Well, for them it is, anyway. I remember when I was on that side of life, not responsible for the event, just responsible for enjoying the event and not making a mess.

Thinking about being thankful, as this time of year will lead me to do. I'm thankful for that cold weather and especially for the hot coffee. Well, everyone around me is thankful for that hot coffee because that's the magic potion that turns me into a human.

I'm thankful to have found work I'm passionate about. I love being a writer and especially being an editor—and I'm thankful that I'm good at both. Because, that's not always the case. I mean, I love to sing but I'm not good at singing, which makes me thankful for my car and driving by myself. That makes my family happy, too.

I'm thankful for kids who sleep in and let me have some quiet time to get stuff done. Or maybe they're just avoiding me until they know I've gotten enough coffee down. Either way, I'm thankful.

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