Monday, November 28, 2016

11-28: On This Day

It's almost next month and not just next month but it's almost Christmas and almost the end of 2016.

Kind of looking forward to that.

This past week was amazing and I took as much time as I could offline. I spent time with family and with friends and my dog and my couch and a Star Wars movie marathon and too much food and coffee in the morning and wine at night.

Today, on this Monday as I'm counting down the days until snow and Christmas and 2017, I packed up half of the living room stuff, rearranged the furniture and put up the Christmas tree. It's Trixie's first year with a tree and so far she hasn't knocked it over or eaten it. I mean, it's only been like 4 hours, but I'm optimistic.

Ran some errands and on my way home, I took a back road that winds and dips and is like therapy. There's an intersection we pass with a little one-lane bridge just peeking around a curve to the south. Every time I pass this way, I look at that little bridge with wistful wonder. A one lane bridge, so quaint; what could be on the other side of it? What stories is it hiding? What could be under it?

Today, instead of driving through the intersection and continuing on my way, I turned.

The bridge was a little scarier than I thought it would be. It really is a one-lane bridge, "paved" with raised wooden slats. The kind of bridge you hold your breath when you drive over it, the kind that you just know trolls live under. And since there was pretty much nothing on the other side of that bridge save for dumped trash and cows, I got to hold my breath and drive over it again after executing a pretty perfect 3-point turn. Two of my questions were answered; I now know what's on the other side and I know that it's spanning a pretty deep ditch with a creek in it. As for stories, I might never know. That graffiti might hold some secrets, though.

I'm sure there's a message in there. Maybe about trust. Maybe about faith that things will be okay. Maybe about secrets hiding in plain sight or about how when you really need those skills you learned in driver's ed, they'll be there. But right now I'm just happy that I know what's on the other side of that little one lane bridge.

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