Wednesday, November 30, 2016

11-30: On This Day

The impending Gilmore Girls reboot made me crave the good old days of the Gilmore Girls, so I started rewatching a few weeks ago. I watched it old school, an episode here, another one there. Since the reboot aired, I really really missed the good old days and I've been slamming through episodes like a speed freak.

Today, on this December Eve morning, in lieu of the morning news, I switched over to Netflix and have been doing my housework and knocking out my to do list with Stars Hollow in the background. I was going to stop, but then Lorelai smelled snow.

She's a girl after my own heart.

I identify, weirdly, with Lorelai and her black sheep ways. I never had a kid at 16, I never went to private school, ran an inn or had such a contemptuous relationship with my wretch of a mother. But all the same, I relate. I should also note here that my mother is not a wretch.

Lately, my to do list has all sorts of interesting things that I don't normally have on it—like "freezer inventory" and "make wreath" and "holiday baking list" and "find ornaments." I rearranged the furniture and put up the tree and put out the decorations. Well, some of them.

The tree (thank you Jesus for pre-lit trees) had been up for a few days, the box of ornaments just sitting there next to it. And although our tree is usually weighed down with the ornaments we've collected over our 25 years together, this year, we were all okay with the minimal look. I went through and just pulled out the snow-themed ornaments. Because I do love the snow. And I too can smell when it's coming. It's one of my favorite things.

The past few days have been disjointed. It's not just the seasonal additions on my to do list,
it's something I haven't been able to put my finger on. And yesterday when I was sitting at my desk (which had been a holding area for all manner of things for the past week) and looking out the window, I realized my cardinals had been missing when I saw Burgermeister (he's the front yard cardinal) appeared on the feeder. Before I could get my phone to get a picture, he was gone. But I've been worried about him.

And then, last night when I opened the box of ornaments, there was my little broken Christmas reindeer, Zed. He's been missing for a few years and he wasn't there when I opened the box to find the garland or when I opened the box to find some lights but when I opened the box to find the snow for the tree. He approves. Here's a little more about Zed, for those who are interested.

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