Friday, December 02, 2016

12-2: On This Day

How did you  celebrate the first of December? I thought deep thoughts.

I mean, this is what I do—overthink. So why should now be any different? Never do I engage more in overthinking than when I'm overwhelmed. Here's my current self-care routine: do work and avoid chores, do chores and avoid work, avoid people by escaping to Stars Hollow.

I'm starting to climb out of the hole now, and I'm realizing my self-care routine needs work. I'm still doing the work/chore balance thing because it's the holidays and both of those things have blown up, but I'm also going to work harder on the self-care.

Get a jump on the new year, you know?

So my dear friend Marisa gave me a tiny Leichtturm notebook and I've been looking at it sitting there on my desk for a few weeks now. I mean, it's a pretty fantastic tiny notebook and it requires just the right words inside of it. I was thinking of the tiny notebook while thinking about my extremist tendencies—meaning I either fully commit or fully avoid—and I think maybe I can use that tiny notebook to find a happy medium with self care.

A place to capture the things I need to do: exercise, meditation, tracking my eating to ensure I'm going to make some good choices along with the crappy. And on the first page, I made the commitment to NOT commit to a total lifestyle overhaul but to track the small changes I want to make. After all, 2016 has shown me that I tend to rebel against authority, even when that authority is self-inflicted so best to not try to force the rebel to conform.

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  1. I'm glad you found such a perfect use for that notebook!