Tuesday, December 27, 2016

On This Day: 12-27

We have reached the portion of our winter break where we're all just over it. Over the holiday, over time spent in each other's company, ready for structure and schedule and next year, for the love of all things good and happy.

Or maybe that's just me?

After so much time spent planning Christmas, it seems like a week of flailing about, trying to figure out what's next. I'm a planner and a project-focused person, and once that project is behind me, it can be a struggle. We save holiday-related fun for after Christmas when we're all home together and then none of us want to participate in it. The lights don't seem as fun before the holiday.

This year, on the day after Christmas, we had a lazy day in pajamas where we watched a marathon of The Office and I crocheted until my arm went numb. Leftovers and too many sweets were consumed. And every time I stood up, I put some holiday-related thing away. I'm ready for it to be done and life to resume.

I spend weeks decorating for Christmas, adding bits and bobbles and I'm spun up like Clark Griswald by the time we sit down to watch Christmas Vacation on Christmas Eve.

What I really want for Christmas is for it all to disappear before the end of the month, for it to be spirited away by Santa's elves until I get all excited about seeing the tree and rearranging the living room again.

It makes me appreciate the holiday so much more, appreciate my parents and the Christmases of my past where my Mom was the bringer of the tinsel and the cookies and the presents.

Next year, I'm going to give myself the gift of planning not for Christmas, but for the day after Christmas. I'm going to schedule laziness, make sure the crock pot is loaded with something delicious, have a project to work on, spend time in the sunshine (hopefully).

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