Wednesday, January 04, 2017

On This Day: 1-4-2017

Do you hear that? Aside from the snuffles of a snoring dog and the weird sounds the coffeepot makes, it's quiet. The kids are back at school, hubs is at work and it's me and Trixie doing the work from home thing.

I haven't seen 5:45am for a few weeks now (since last year!) and the day is spread out before me like a canvas. I'm having a hard time deciding between Gilmore Girls marathon (I'm almost through my season 6 rewatch and I'm loving/hating it) or productivity. I'm leaning toward productivity (see previous posts regarding no bullshit).

I started on the new year reorganization yesterday with the closets and cabinets. It felt good. Damn, that Marie Kondo might have been onto something. Getting things in order, pitching expired products and getting all the extra bottles of shampoo into one place is liberating. It's amazing that after just a year in the house and my organization of said house needs to be addressed. How much time can one woman spend standing in front of a shelf full of spices muttering about the three years past expiration dates when I just vetted all those dates prior to the move? Too much time.

Spontaneously apparating spices are clearly the opposite of randomly disappearing socks in my universe of home mysteries.

A wonderful side effect of this cleansing purge is finding the bracelet I'd misplaced last fall—my Live In the Moment bracelet that I lost when I clearly was not following directions and was rushing around, multitasking.

It's an auspicious start to the new year to find my reminder to stay in the moment. I wear it on the wrist that also has the permanent memo, to be thankful. Living in the moment is a good, no-bullshit way to live, but I'm not that experienced at it yet.

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  1. Dude. Where do all the spices come from?! I swear, if I find another "jalapeño sea salt" or "Mrs. Dash Blood and Dust Bunnies" in the back of the pantry, I'll scream.

    On another note, coffee? Friday morning? Yes?