Friday, January 06, 2017

On This Day: 1-6-2017

Snow Day! Usually the words strike fear in this work from home mom's heart, but everything is good in moderation. My alarm chirped at 5:45am and the first thing I saw was a text message from the school announcing the closure. I let the dog out while my husband made coffee, and she tentatively stepped into the world made unfamiliar with the smells all covered under a scent-free blanket of white. It was quiet—like weirdly quiet, nary an engine nor a chirp to be heard. A few minutes watching the dog make sense of it and a lone owl hooted briefly before the silence returned. I love the snow. I love the smell of snow in the air, the sparkle of it across the lawn, the way it coats the brown winter blah with something beautiful.

Last year, we were cheated and had maybe a half inch dusting that lasted an hour or so on Christmas. This snow is still light, but enough to close schools. I'm adapting to red dirt snow, so different from the northern snow I grew up with, where you'd get half a foot and not half an inch.

We've had snow days in years past, some ice days. Some days when school was called and the roads were delightfully clear but our southern zip code means snow and ice in the forecast can cripple the city (not to mention clear the shelves at the grocery store) so best to be careful. Back when the kids were in elementary school, snow days meant making hot cocoa for the kids to sip after spending an hour searching for the mismatched, rarely used pile of snow gear in the closet, another half an hour getting warmly dressed and about 10 minutes playing outside in the snow before clamoring to come back in the house.

Now, it's almost nine and the kids are still in bed. The dog is sleeping on the couch and I'm sipping coffee in the quiet. We've had the major wave of snow overnight, the rest forecasted to come through shortly. We've got milk, bread, eggs and wine (the staples) and the birdfeeders are stocked and the birds have shown up en force (including a batch of yellow finches, new to my feederhood). The kids will likely whip up a cup of cocoa to sip when they finally roll out of bed in an hour or so. They'll look fondly at the snow every now and then while he plays videogames and she reads the books she checked out from the school library in case of snow day, and the extent of them playing in the snow will be when they take the dog out and get the mail.

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