Friday, January 13, 2017

Prophylactic Snow Day

Snow Day Pregame
Just in case—I mean, there was a big ice storm forecasted. I don't like driving on ice. I don't know anyone who likes driving on ice and I don't like the idea of my kids riding in the schoolbus on ice.

I'm okay with the prophylactic snow day called in advance of the ice storm that's taking its own sweet time getting here.

And I know it's coming because the animals in the hood are prepping for it.

This morning the dog was going absolutely berserk at the back door, which she is wont to do when there are squirrels or birds or leaves blowing. Unfortunately for me I didn't have my phone in hand when I finally went to see what the fuss was about and it was a deer. A giant doe by the looks of it, almost as tall at the shoulder as our 5-foot chain link. It's been a while since I've seen the deer in the neighborhood, so this was a nice treat. Construction has kept them away for too long. Didn't see Slim Shady but now that the wildlife is coming out en force, I'm hoping the yard turkey makes her triumphant return as well.

The bluebirds are making the most of my holly bushes.

Back to the office and the front yard was proving as exciting as the back, filled with so many blue birds—I've been waiting to see them in the yard after seeing them all over the surrounding area—and cardinals (young ones by the looks of it), a few chickadees and swooping wrens. A few glimpses of swallow tails reignites my wish to see scissor tails hanging out—they were abundant near our old house but I haven't seen many our here in my dangerous woods. The small woodpeckers were out and today brought the larger, red-headed male pecking away at the tree by the feeder. One lone male cardinal arrived at the feeder for a moment.

Of this wildlife, Trixie the sometime watch dog was happily, blissfully, sleepily oblivious.

Yeah, I was a bit jealous. Nobody sleeps as good as a dog taking a nap on the couch on a cold day. Or a warm day. Or really, ever—dogs are just really good sleepers.

Oh, and then there was the coyote. In the yard. A coyote in the yard, in the dangerous woods where I live, once again reminding me that everything is poisonous and trying to kill me. The one I saw when I was on the phone with Rachel and I was like "ooh! Ooh! Coyote!" and I realized that I know how to take a picture without disconnecting the call I'm on because #lifeskills.

The coyote looks remarkably well-fed and I haven't heard the roosters at the acreages on the next road over for a while, and I'm not saying those two are related but I am saying that I can't prove they're unrelated either.

So, snow day. The animals are prowling. The people are stir crazy but warm. My to do list has been basically to done. The stew is bubbling away in the crock pot and my dear husband is heading home early in advance of the potential ice—because all the rallying birds are telling me that the weather is turning. The ice storm isn't here yet but methinks the ice storm cometh.

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  1. Too much excitement for poor ol' Trixie. That picture of her is awesome. Also, that coyote is stressful. I understand if you feel the need to burn down your house and move on.