Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Note to My Future Self

Fall 2017

Dear Mari,

Hi, this is Mari from back in February. It's a rainy Valentine's Day and it's a Tuesday and it already feels like Monday part II at 9:00am.

But that's not why I'm writing.

Why I'm writing is that I looked over at our to-do list—the one we so thoughtfully posted on a giant dry erase sheet of poster board tacked to the wall in our office. The one where we had visions of tracking some to-do list items but mostly writing fun quotes to provide inspiration.

But today, I'm looking at that to-do list that's almost too long to fit on the 24x36 sheet of paper and it makes me want to crawl underneath the desk table and curl up with Trixie, still damp from running around in the rain.

Because a funny thing happened this year, like it does every year, like I remember every year and try to keep in mind for later in the year. Because right around the time you're reading this, you're going to think to yourself, Wow! A full to-do list sounds awesome! because this is the time of year when that list is fairly fallow. This is our ebb and flow of freelance life, this is what we should be used to, but—never fail!—come February, we are overwhelmed by projects that sounded great in the fall when we had so much free time but now they're just weighing down on us.

Silver lining? Come summertime, there will be a respite. But summer is a long way off.

Just like you're looking at the calendar thinking spring is a long way off.

I assure you, it isn't.

So I'm going to set a reminder to read this post come fall, when I'm all about the YES! Because it's like having babies, in the afterglow of accomplishment, we forget the hard work and sleepless nights. We are a serial yesser and were reminded yesterday by a great friend that saying "no" feels really good sometimes. But we still seem to want to err on the side of yessing, so we're going to need a reminder.

So, later this year, when I'm you, I'll read this and maybe chuckle a little before I start saying YES! to all the things all over again, because who am I kidding? As I write this, email is pinging me with shiny new things that I should say no to, but like Lin Manuel Miranda's Alexander Hamilton sang about Mariah Reynolds—how can I say no to this?

A girl's gotta try.



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